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Welke vergunningen heeft u nodig voor uw foodtruck in België?

Which permits do you need for your food truck in Belgium?

Bent u van plan om een foodtruck te beginnen in België? Dan dient u in het bezit te zijn van…
Welke vergunningen heeft u nodig voor uw foodtruck in Nederland?

Which permits do you need for your food truck in the Netherlands?

Een foodtruck beginnen in Nederland? Dan zijn er een aantal vergunning die u in bezit moet hebben. In deze blog…
Steeds meer cateringbedrijfjes

More and more catering companies

Many entrepreneurs suffered greatly in the corona years 2020 and 2021. For instance, there were few or no festivals or other...
Op welk foodtruck festival staat u in 2021?

Which food truck festival will you be at in 2021?

Food trucks have undergone an enormous development in recent years. Not only have they become more attractive...

Deep-fried raisin bun blog

The sale of deep-fried raisin buns and apple fritters during the last days of the year is an excellent opportunity for many bakeries, supermarkets...
Wat is er nog WEL mogelijk?

What is still possible?

Instead of looking at what is no longer possible, we at Multiwagon like to look at what is still possible...
5 tips voor de ideale promotiewagen

5 tips for the ideal promotional vehicle

Are you looking for a way to promote your product or service? Then a promotional vehicle is essential...
De multifunctionele wagen

The multifunctional wagon

The multifunctional wagon. We at Multiwagon often notice that our customers come to us because they would like to have a mobile bar...
3 tips voor het starten van een eigen foodtruck

3 tips for starting your own food truck

Are you about to start your own food truck? Congratulations! You probably already have some great ideas down on paper...
Werken in een foodtruck

Working in a food truck

It may seem simple: working in a food truck. But when it comes down to it, you will notice that there is a lot involved...
Foodtruck beginnen? Zo doet u dat

Starting a food truck? Here's how to do it

Foodtruck beginnen, iets voor u? Wilt u uw eigen foodtruck beginnen? Geen zorgen wij helpen u graag verder! In deze…
Hoe ga ik om met mijn multiwagon?

How do I handle my Multiwagon?

You may have already read on our website that Multiwagon is happy to provide you with extensive service, such as...
Mag ik zomaar overal staan met mijn multiwagon?

Can I just stand anywhere with my Multiwagon?

You have purchased a multiwagon for your company, and you actually want to get on the road right away...

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