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Examples of the french fries food trailer

French fries food trailer

This turnkey french fries food trailer is placed in the Premium Pop-Up Trailer.

Do you want to buy a french fries food trailer? Then you have various options at Multiwagon. You can buy a turnkey french fries concept, but you also have the possibility of having a fully customised one. Besides the sale of french fries/chips, a french fries food trailer is also perfectly suited to sell snacks. So you can place a snack trailer on wheels at parties, festivals and events but also be perfectly deployable at high traffic locations such as busy beaches.

Dimensions of a french fries food trailer

Our snack trucks (premium pop-up trailers) are standard 270 cm high, 231 cm wide and 320 cm long. However, it is also possible to have a size made to measure, however, this is not our standard model and therefore costs and long delivery times are involved. In our factory we can make the french fries food trailer completely as you wish, both in design and appearance.

Furnishing of the french fries food trailer

All Multiwagon food trailers are fitted with high-quality equipment as standard. Each french fries food trailer is equipped with two deep fryers and a container for the fries, and an extraction system is also installed. The food trailer has a freezer, refrigerator and refrigerated workbench and can be further expanded according to your wishes. Also, the french fries food trailer is finished in stainless steel and meets all quality requirements. We can also fully furnish the food trailer according to your wishes.

Appearance of the french fries food trailer

We can create the look of the food trailer entirely according to your wishes. Think of a colour of your choice. We offer a number of basic colours, but you also have the option of choosing a colour of your choice. It is also possible to provide the food trailer with advertising, (company) logos or wrapping. We can also wrap the interior for you. This way you are assured of a french fries food trailer that is a true extension of your company or that radiates what you stand for.

The Multiwagon french fries food trailer

At Multiwagon we offer you a turnkey french fries concept with which you can get to work straight away. In addition, you also have the choice of buying a custom-made french fries food trailer where you can fully determine the layout yourself. This means that at Multiwagon you always have the right food trailer that fits your wishes and needs.

Turnkey french fries concept

Thanks to the turnkey french fries concept you are ready to start with your business on wheels. Sell the tastiest chips and snacks from the fully equipped truck. In addition, you are assured of the best equipment that we have already installed in our factory. The best quality and layout to generate immediate turnover with your mobile point of sale. You can find more turnkey concepts here.

Custom made french fries trailer

The biggest advantage of a custom fries truck is that you can have it fully furnished as you have in mind. In addition, we like to think along with you to ensure that your idea succeeds as well as possible and we are happy to provide you with advice thanks to our experts. We strive to make your concept stand out and generate as much revenue as possible for your company!

Why buy a french fries food truck?

A question that is always present when it comes to tasty, easy or fast food. There are plenty of other reasons to buy a french fries food trailer and start your own mobile snack bar. However, it is also possible that you already own a food trailer and that it is ready to be replaced. Whether you want to be present at festivals and events, parties or other locations, a mobile snack bar is always a perfect way to deploy as a food truck/food trailer.

Leasing a french fries food trailer?

At Multiwagon you also have the option of leasing instead of buying the food trailer. The advantage of this is that you are the immediate owner of your truck, but you do not have to pay in one time. This way you preserve the liquidity of your company to make other investments and to grow faster. You pay off the amount of the loan monthly in a period of your choice (from 12 to 84 months). Calculate below your monthly premium when you choose to lease the french fries food trailer.


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