Our CoolRolly
Perfect for mobile catering

The CoolRolly is perfect for mobile catering for companies and restaurants, but it is also great for presenting your non-food offerings. Excellent for branding, catering and stimulating (seasonal) sales. 

  • Suitable for food and non-food, for indoor and outdoor.
  • Sufficient (cooled) storage space.
  • Multifunctional use.

From whom?

The retail uses the CoolRolly for product presentations and non-food offerings, for example, it can be used by companies in the catering industry.
Do you want a terrace bar to serve your guests quickly? Or are you a caterer and do you want a professional (er) image? Then choose the CoolRolly.

The CoolRolly is multifunctional. For example, serve coffee in the morning, cocktails in the afternoon and tapas or snacks in the evening. This way you will earn back your investment in no time. 

The Coolrolley can be ordered for €3495,- excl. VAT.

We also offer the possibility for finacial lease.

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Multifunctional mobile solution

The CoolRolly has a three-door bar fridge, LED lighting, two sockets on the stainless steel worktop and a removable roof. This makes it versatile, for example for your branding, product sales and mobile catering. Pour fresh coffee at a trade show or showroom from your barista bar, serve a beer from your mobile bar or champagne during a party from your champagne bar or sell smoothies from your smoothie bar and cocktails from your cocktail bar at an event. But of course you can also turn it into your personalized promotional car. The choice is yours.  

The advantages of the CoolRolly:

  • Suitable for food and non-food, for indoor and outdoor.
  • Sufficient (cooled) storage space.
  • Multifunctional use.

Want to see and experience it yourself?

All models are waiting for you in our experience center in Holten. Make an appointment and come and have a look.

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