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Buy an Alfresco 140 Grill BBQ

Technische Specificaties Alfresco 140 Grill BBQ

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Examples of the Alfresco 140 Grill BBQ

Alfresco 140 Grill barbecue

This barbecue brings a wealth of innovative features and benefits. Perfect for a small commercial environment.

Technische Specificaties Alfresco 140 Grill BBQ

Alfresco 140 Grill BBQ

Fitted with:

Voorbeelden van Alfresco 140 Grill BBQ

The Alfresco 140 Grill BBQ by Multiwagon

The Alfresco 140 Grill BBQ is a stainless steel charcoal barbecue. If you are looking for a handmade and stylish grill barbecue, you should definitely buy the Alfresco 140 Grill BBQ. This grill barbecue comes complete with a large oven with lower heating, a height adjustable grill, large removable stainless steel worktops and many more options that you will benefit from. It is one of the better charcoal grills on the market in Europe.

Why buy an Alfresco 140 Grill BBQ?

This grill barbecue is handmade in Ireland and is therefore of European quality standards. With the grill barbecue you can prepare 140 burgers per hour and turning large gatherings is therefore a piece of cake. This makes this barbecue perfect for use on a terrace, for example, to create extra atmosphere and experience. However, this barbecue can also be perfectly used by a caterer at, for example, an event or party. This barbecue is very versatile, both for private and business use.

The benefits of the Alfresco 140 Grill BBQ

Buying an Alfresco 140 Grill BBQ has several advantages. There are also numerous functions that the Alfresco 140 Grill BBQ has. We will explain these below, so that you immediately know why you should buy this grill barbecue. There are also many other features and benefits that we would like to tell you about in a live tour of our Alfresco 140 Grill BBQ.


You can easily regulate the heat because the grill is adjustable in height. Don't fight flare-ups, raise your grill to instantly control the temperature and cooking speed. You also have easy access to the coal tray for refilling and lighting your grill.


Enough space for multiple cooks because the barbeque grill can be operated from two sides. Thanks to the wing doors, you can cook on both sides with up to four cooks at the same time. The wing doors control the airflow and block annoying winds, allowing your barbecue to continue to do its job optimally. Each grill side has its own cooking station and utensil holders.

CoolTouch side panels

The Alfresco 140 Grill BBQ is safe to touch, even when the coals have been burning for a long time. The CoolTouch side panels are filled with rock wool to ensure the cooking heat is retained and you can safely manoeuvre your grill without burning your hands.


The glass viewing windows allow natural light to illuminate the grill even when the doors are closed. Keep an eye on your grill while controlling the built-in thermometer. Ideal for low & slow cooks.


The lower heating oven offers you the perfect way to preserve cooked food or a great way to melt cheese over your burgers, for example. Ideal for when there is a long queue or when you are already preparing for a big crowd.


Keep a close eye on your food, even with the doors closed, by running temperature probes through an opening designed to keep your food under control at all times. You can use up to four probe wires at a time.

Adjustable air vents

Control your cooking airflow for low and slow or indirect cooking by using the adjustable vents on top of the Alfresco 140 Grill BBQ. Hot air pulls smoke up and out under your control. This allows you to raise or lower the temperature inside the barbecue.


Zone cooking couldn't be easier, control the amount of direct or indirect heat you need. Our included combustion chamber dividers provide searing stations that you cannot achieve with a gas barbecue. Create up to three cooking zones for searing, grilling, and resting. And when it's done, double the dividers as ash trays to make clean-up a breeze.


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