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600s Grillmaster BBQ trailer

The 600s Grillmaster BBQ Trailer brings you convenience, lots of possibilities, entertainment, pure theatre and business growth.

The 600s Grillmaster BBQ Trailer from Multiwagon

The most extensive barbecue trailer that we have in our range. The 600s Grillmaster is a mobile charcoal barbecue and can be used for many different purposes. This barbecue trailer is a real crowd pleaser and regularly becomes the centre of attention with its delicious smell, activity and unique style. The 600s Grillmaster BBQ trailer is designed to provide catering at larger events for example, and has a capacity of 600 BPH (burgers per hour). This BBQ trailer is also perfect to use on your terrace to create more atmosphere and experience.

Why buy a 600s Grillmaster BBQ Trailer?

You should buy the 600s Grillmaster BBQ trailer if you want to provide large groups with delicious barbecue food. With this barbecue trailer, you can prepare up to 600 barbecue dishes per hour. The 600s Grillmaster BBQ trailer has it all! With incredible simplicity, ease of transport, business growth, pure theatre and lots of fun, this barbecue is in a class of its own. Are you looking for a barbecue trailer that you can use on your terrace to create more atmosphere and experience alongside the authentic taste and smell of a real charcoal barbecue? Then the 600s Grillmaster is exactly what you are looking for. In addition, you can also use this barbecue trailer as a food trailer and take it anywhere you want. The possibilities are truly endless when you know how to properly use the 600s Grillmaster BBQ trailer.

Te benefits of the 600s Grillmaster BBQ Trailer

Buying a 600s Grillmaster BBQ Trailer has several advantages. You can prepare up to 600 dishes per hour with this barbecue trailer. This allows you to provide large groups with freshly prepared barbecue dishes. Below, we explain a number of the advantages. Of course, there are many other advantages and features that we would like to tell you about in a livetour of the 600s Grillmaster BBQ Trailer.

Compact, mobile trailer

The 600s Grillmaster is a compact trailer that offers enormous mobility. Where other food trailers would have difficulty reaching, this barbecue trailer can easily do so. The 600s Grillmaster can also be transported with your driving licence B.

Adjustable grill

Gives you instant heat control. Do you need to increase or decrease the heat of the meat during your cooking process? Then you can easily adjust the grill height so that you can give the right temperature to your meat.

Gull Wing Doors

The Gull Wing Doors provide excellent shelter from rain and sun for the chef when the grill is in use. When closed, the doors keep the smoke and heat inside and everything is safe and contained.

Lockable rear storage

A perfect place to store things like sandwiches, sauces or valuables that you want to keep during use or transportation.

Modular smoking

You have the option of adding a vertical smoker to the rear of this barbecue trailer. This gives you enormous cooking flexibility within one unit.


Thanks to the double-sided grill sides, up to four chefs can grill simultaneously on this barbecue trailer.

Front and side folding worktops

Hygienic and stylish stainless steel tables provide ample space for side dishes, food preparation or dressings/sauces.

Ashtray & collection bin

The barbecue trailer is easy to clean. You simply pull the scraper bar to collect the charcoal in a removable box which you can then empty easily. This way, cleaning the charcoal is done in an instant.

Leasing a 600s Grillmaster BBQ Trailer?

Would you rather lease instead of buy the 600s Grillmaster BBQ Trailer? At Multiwagon, you have the option of leasing and this brings various benefits. By leasing you retain the liquidity of your business, but you are the direct owner of the barbecue trailer. At Multiwagon you can choose from a lease term of 12 to 84 months. Calculate your monthly premium below!


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